Bachelorette Party Cooking Class

Last weekend I was lucky enough to take my first cooking class in Minneapolis! The class was a part of the bachelorette party festivities for my future sister-in-law, Lindsay. It was so much fun! There was a group of about 15 of us and we took a private class at Cooks of Crocus Hill in Edina.

Photo Aug 09, 8 36 22 PM

We were divided into groups of 3-4 people and assigned to one of four stations. Although I didn’t necessarily learn anything ground-breaking in this class, I walked away with four delicious new recipes and had a great time! Cooks of Crocus Hill did a great job setting up the event for a fun social occasion and accounting for a group of people with varying levels of cooking experience.


I was assigned to the salad station. We made a delicious arugula, tomato, watermelon and feta salad dressed with a serrano chile vinaigrette. If you’ve never tried watermelon and feta together, it is a fabulous combination. This is such a great summer salad!


Another station was in charge of pancetta-wrapped asparagus with a lemon citronette. It was simple, but delicious! The sauce really made the dish pop with flavor.


The third savory dish was crispy shrimp rolls with a mango sauce. The shrimp were wrapped in wonton wrappers and then deep-fried. They were so meaty and turned out perfectly cooked when fried this way. And the sauce was sweet and a little spicy which is a combination of flavors that I love!


For dessert, we had bourbon nectarines with pound cake croutons. Not being much of a baker, this is a dessert recipe that I will absolutely make again! The pound cake croutons were incredible as they soaked up the bourbon sauce from the nectarines and the whipped cream. And again, it’s a perfect summer dish using fruit that is in season (this would be just as incredible with an assortment of berries, plums, strawberries, or any fruit of choice that’s in season).


The cooking facility at Cooks of Crocus Hill was beautiful and I look forward to taking more classes here in the future!

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  1. Thanks for post about your experience at Cooks of Crocus Hill! We hope the bride had a good time as well and if you have an opportunity, check out our cooking classes, their might be a few that align with your skills and interests. Thanks again, love the photos!


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