Top 5 Gelaterias in Florence, Italy

I tried a lot of gelato from countless gelaterias during our 88-day stay in Florence. It was a tough job, but I was happy to do it. Recognizing not everyone gets that much time to explore the gelato scene in Florence, I figured people might appreciate a list of the best gelaterias, according to my opinion. Disclaimer: I haven’t been to every single gelateria in Florence, so I can’t claim this to be a completely exclusive list. Having said that, I’ve been to many underwhelming gelaterias in Florence which are easier to find than the impressive places, so I hope this helps steer people in the right direction. And I went to each of these gelaterias more than once, so I know I didn’t just luck out with a one-off positive experience. This list aside, if you’d like tips on picking a quality gelateria, see the post for Florence: Day 56. Enjoy!

1) Gelateria Vivaldi – Via dei Renai 15

Flavors pictured: pistachio and chocolate chip with pieces of candied orange (and a watermelon granita)

2) Gelateria della Passera – Piazza della Passera 15

Flavors pictured: cioccolato e arancia (chocolate and orange) and Zabaione (egg yolks, sugar and marsala wine)

3) Cantina del Gelato – Via de Bardi 33

I foolishly don’t have any pictures of their gelato, but I will never forget the whiskey cinnamon flavor. It was so good I had it twice.

4) Edoardo – Piazza del Duomo 45R

Flavors pictured: moscato and peach sorbettas

5) Gelateria il Magnifico – Piazza della libertà 29R

Flavors pictured: ricotta e pera (ricotta and pear) and biscottini


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