“Welcome Home” Family BBQ

A few days after we returned to the states, my mom hosted a “welcome home” family BBQ. She provided ribs which we cooked on my Big Green Egg (which I am so excited to be able to start using on a regular basis!). And then each of my siblings and I were in charge of bringing a side dish to share.

My mom did specifically request from me a dish that was inspired by our time in Italy. I decided to put together an antipasto platter for everyone to snack on for an appetizer. I included olives, cheese, grilled zucchini (which took on an amazing smoky flavor from the Big Green Egg), a carrot and zucchini frittata, melon and prosciutto, and roasted red peppers.

photo 2

I also bought some multi-colored heirloom tomatoes which I tossed with some chopped shallots, torn basil, and Tuscan olive oil for a quick bruschetta topping.

photo 1

The ribs turned out beautifully smoked, and were juicy and delicious!

photo 4


The ribs were accompanied by a couple pasta salads, a lettuce salad and cornbread muffins.  It was a fabulous spread and a delicious way to be welcomed home to the US, combining some Italian and some American food favorites!

photo 5

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