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Florence: Day 79

Erin flew home yesterday and Joe, Emily and I took the day to recover from all the fun and traveling and catch up on cleaning, laundry, etc. It felt really good to take a day mostly at home, but today we were ready to venture out again. One of my favorite places in Florence is […]

Florence: Day 77

Today was a balmy 95 degree day in Florence. Erin and I walked around the Boboli and Bardini gardens all morning and then met Joe and Emily for lunch in our favorite piazza, piazza della Passera. We returned to Trattoria 4 Leoni where we had dined early on in our time in Florence (see day […]

Florence: Day 76

Today we took a day trip to Siena, a medieval Tuscan town most famous for their bi-annual horse races that take place in the main piazza of the town, piazza del Campo. We walked around and explored, shopped, and climbed the Torre del Mangia in the Palazzo Pubblico. Temperatures were in the 90’s, so we […]

Florence: Day 75

Erin and I were up very late last night drinking wine and talking on the balcony, so we were both okay with a low-key lunch at home while Emily took an early nap. We simply walked down the street to a bakery that Joe and I had previously gotten pizza from, Vecchio Forno. We just […]

Florence: Day 74

Erin and I were on our own for lunch again today, so I took her to one of my favorites: La Prosciutteria! ¬†There was a chance Joe was going to join us, so we went for the lunch board. ¬†Unfortunately Emily didn’t wake from her nap in time for them to meet us, so Erin […]

Florence: Day 73

We started our second day in Cinque Terre with breakfast by the sea. The breakfast itself wasn’t notable (typical European hotel breakfast – meat, cheese, pastries, bread, nutella, jam, yogurt, etc). But the setting was absolutely incredible and it was just the fuel we needed to get ready for a grueling three hour hike between […]

Florence: Day 72

We got up bright and early this morning and took a train up to the Cinque Terre region of Italy. It is an area consisting of five coastal towns between which there are various hiking paths. Unfortunately there were massive mudslides back in 2011 and all but one of the paths along the ocean are […]