Florence: Day 68

Emily took an early nap today, so we just ate lunch at home. I went to the bakery for more fresh bread and made ‘nduja crostini again. This time I added some grated mozzarella cheese and put the crostini under the broiler. The cheese was an excellent addition to balance the spice.


Emily’s nap was also quite long, so that afforded us the opportunity to go out for an early dinner. It is difficult to find a restaurant that serves dinner before 7:00, but we were able to go down the street to Trattoria ZaZa which was recommended to me by a former co-worker. They use truffle in a ton of dishes, so we took advantage for two of our three courses.


To start, we had the truffled bruschetta. It was one large piece of bruschetta and a great amount to share. The topping was a mixture of tomatoes, red onions, a little basil and black truffle. It was excellent!


The second dish we tried was potato tortelli in a duck ragu. The pasta was basically extra large tortellini stuffed with a potato filling. The duck ragu was rich and delicious, although I will say that you couldn’t necessarily tell it was duck. Duck is potentially my favorite meat and I think this showed me that I prefer it in a way that really showcases the flavor of the meat. Having said that, the dish was extremely delicious.


Lastly, we split a rabbit dish. The rabbit was rolled around a pork and pistachio mixture and sliced and then covered in a truffle cream sauce. It was served with a side of rosemary potatoes that look very simple, but they were so decadent and flavorful. The entire meal was rich but excellent! It had been awhile since we had been out for a multi-course meal like this and I greatly enjoyed it!  I want to take advantage of as many more meals like this as we can for the rest of our time here.



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