Florence: Day 64

We finally tried the bistecca alla fiorentina today. This is potentially the most popular dish in the Florentine cuisine. It is a huge t-bone steak grilled to medium rare and it is generally seasoned simply with salt, pepper and olive oil. We went back to Birreria Centrale where we had the plate of mixed grilled meats since we knew it would be delicious (it’s a bit of an investment and I didn’t want to just blindly try it anywhere). It was so good! This steak rivaled those that I have tried at big steakhouses in Chicago, without question. And it was far less expensive as well.


Knowing we had a lot of meat coming, we didn’t want much as a starter. We decided crostini fagioli sounded good and would be a good balance to the steak. It was a simple crostini of white beans and olive oil, but the beans were cooked perfectly and the olive oil was so delicious!


The bistecca was then served with a salad of mixed vegetables which was definitely a nice mix with all of the beef we ate. I’m glad we finally tried the bistecca all fiorentina. It did not disappoint and I’m sure we will try it again before we leave.




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