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Florence: Day 68

Emily took an early nap today, so we just ate lunch at home. I went to the bakery for more fresh bread and made ‘nduja crostini again. This time I added some grated mozzarella cheese and put the crostini under the broiler. The cheese was an excellent addition to balance the spice. Emily’s nap was […]

Florence: Day 66

After spending the morning at the Central Market of San Lorenzo, we took Joe and Leah to one of our favorite lunch spots, La Prosciutteria. It was fun to order a board for four people for lunch. They brought a short board of crostini topped with an olive tapenade, veggie pate and a truffle cream. […]

Florence: Day 65

Today our friends Leah and Joe came to Florence. It is so fun to see familiar faces over here! They got in around lunch time and had an early afternoon tour, so we had to think of a quick and easy lunch place that was located between their hotel and their tour. Obviously I wanted […]

Florence: Day 64

We finally tried the bistecca alla fiorentina today. This is potentially the most popular dish in the Florentine cuisine. It is a huge t-bone steak grilled to medium rare and it is generally seasoned simply with salt, pepper and olive oil. We went back to Birreria Centrale where we had the plate of mixed grilled […]

Florence: Day 63

Joe heard about an outdoor cooking demonstration that was going on all day on the beach of the River Arno, so we decided to check it out. It was such a fun activity! I loved watching the cooking demonstrations (even though they were in Italian, so I only understood bits and pieces), Emily loved playing […]

Florence: Day 62

Today was the big wedding day in Florence. I promise we didn’t do anything to stalk Kanye West or the rest of the clan, but we did decide to hang out at one of our favorites which just happens to be down the street from Fort Belvedere, le Volpi e l’Uva. We ordered the crostone […]

Florence: Day 61

After being out of town for a few days, we wanted to visit some of our favorites spots. This of course started with the Central Market of San Lorenzo. We bought some fresh produce and some fresh pasta to have for dinner with some leftover bolognese I had in the freezer. The fresh pasta stand […]