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Florence: Day 29

After a few rainy days, we were able to get back out and walk around and explore for most of the day. I sure do love having so much time to be outside and having such a fabulous city to explore! While walking around, we decided we wanted something quicker and lighter than a full […]

Florence: Day 28

Happy Easter! Easter is the second biggest holiday in Italy behind Christmas, so it was really special to be here during this holiday. We started the day at the Duomo to witness the Scoppio del carro, or “explosion of the cart”. The square was packed, they were holding mass before the ceremony and then fireworks […]

Florence: Day 27

Today was the coldest, windiest, rainiest day we have had yet in Florence. Our place was a mess and laundry needed to be done anyway, so it ended up simply being a productive day at home indoors. We had some leftover bread and the weather made me crave soup, so I took a stab at […]

Florence: Day 26

When we left the train station returning from Lucca yesterday, we noticed a market being set up in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. So today we decided to head over and check it out. It seemed like a fun little food festival with local artisans and a few foreign constituents as well […]

Florence: Day 25

We finally took our first train ride out of the city! We caught the 9:10am train and headed west to Lucca, a beautiful, small medieval town that has its historic center circled by a wall. We got to Lucca at 10:30am and explored the town, climbed a couple towers, walked around the city wall and […]

Florence: Day 24

I was in the mood for some food inspiration today, so we decided to try the last restaurant in the small square by our apartment, Ristorante Celestino. To start, we ordered the crostini misti di polenta fritta. ┬áThese were crostini using fried polenta cakes instead of bread. ┬áThere was one with a porcini mushroom topping, […]

Florence: Day 23

Today was colder, windy and a little rainy and I’ve had planned activities the last couple of days, so today we decided to take it easy. Emily and I got out for gelato this afternoon and I can officially say – this is my favorite gelateria so far. It is called Gelateria della Passera and […]