Florence: Day 36

Unfortunately it was a very rainy day, but we didn’t let that stop us from sharing some of our favorite food experiences with Kyle and Lindsay. We started the day with espresso and strawberry crostada from one of our favorite cafes.


We then headed to the Central Market of San Lorenzo. We shopped outside the market for souvenirs and explored all of the food artisans inside the market. We were able to sample some truffles, balsamic vinegars, honey and limoncello. Once we worked up an appetite, we went to the seafood section of the market and enjoyed a couple plates of fried calamari and cod (we didn’t bother with the french fries this time) and some white wine. It was just as enjoyable as the first time we tried it and Kyle said it was one of the most delicious things he has had on their trip yet!



Kyle and Lindsay very nicely offered to babysit Emily so that Joe and I could actually head out into Florence on our own during the evening like normal adults. It was such a fun night! We noted how relaxing it was to walk around and just take everything in while not worrying about pushing a stroller, keeping snacks at the ready, timing diaper changes, etc. Not to say we haven’t enjoyed having Emily here – we wouldn’t have it any other way! But it sure was nice to have a night by ourselves.

We wandered around the city stopping into an occasional pub or cafe for a drink. We then went out to dinner at 9:00pm which seemed to be the busy time for dinner when restaurants were spilling over with people. We chose a restaurant in our neighborhood called Osteria del Cingiale Bianco, or Osteria of the white wild boar.

photo 5

We ordered a half bottle of a Brunello di Montalcino and started with the accuighe in salsa verde (anchovies in a green sauce). This was our experimental dish of the dinner where we weren’t sure if we’d like it, but while in Italy, we want to try what the locals eat. The anchovies were good, but extremely salty. The salsa verde was like a pesto and helped tame the saltiness of the anchovies a little bit. But we couldn’t quite finish the entire plate. We just got too overwhelmed by the saltiness. But I don’t regret trying them!

photo 1

For our primi piatti, we ordered the risotto con porri e salsiccia (risotto with leeks and sausage). The rice was pretty al dente and the sauce was rather thin. It’s fun to experience the different consistencies of risotto to figure out which I like the best. I’m also used to having primarily vegetables in risotto, but the sausage in this risotto was delicious! It was a great course.

photo 5

For our secondi piatti, we ordered the petti di pollo con pecorino e tartufo (chicken breast with pecorino cheese and truffle). The cheese turned out to be a cheese sauce that drenched the chicken and they did not skimp on the truffles! It was so rich and delicious. There was no way that chicken would be dry underneath all of that creaminess. What an indulgence.

photo 1

For dessert, we ordered the grappa della casa and a panna cotta con frutti di bosco (panna cotta with soft fruits). It was a nice light dessert after a couple of heavy courses. The best part of the meal was being out when everyone else was for dinner and being able to take our time enjoying each course. It was a fantastic date night!

photo 3


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