Florence: Day 32

I was again sent home with a ton of leftovers from my cooking class at Marcella’s, so that was most of what we ate today. Just before noon I ventured out with Emily while Joe went for a run. I had a craving for a salad. I felt like the fresh greens would balance the pasta and meat leftovers. I stopped into a cute place called La Prosciutteria which we had discovered on the street with the heavy pizza a few days earlier.


I ordered the insalate Giulia which was lettuce with crispy pancetta, tomatoes and sesame seeds dressed with truffle oil and balsamic vinegar. There were a ton of tomatoes in the salad and they were so flavorful! It came with a huge side of bread (as most things do here in Italy) and I also ordered a glass of Chianti. One thing we have learned is that a glass of wine rarely costs much more than a diet coke when eating out (often even less), so why not opt for the wine!


I had also gone for a run in the morning, so Joe and I decided we definitely earned gelato today. It approached nearly 80 degrees in the afternoon, so the weather was perfect for it! We went to our favorite gelato shop (Gelateria della Passera) in our favorite little square. I had chocolate and strawberry (simple, but combining the two tasted like a chocolate covered strawberry!) and Joe had pink grapefruit and a mixed berry flavor with elderflower. Mine was sweet and indulgent, Joe’s was very refreshing. It was the perfect afternoon treat.




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