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Florence: Day 8

We enjoyed a quiet morning in the apartment and then around noon walked up to the Central Market of San Lorenzo (I promise we will branch out beyond this place, it’s just so amazing to live so close to a market like this). We had noticed a stand in the seafood section of the market […]

Florence: Day 7

We survived daylight savings in Europe, far better than we did in the US!  Regardless, I woke up this morning craving an American cup of coffee.  I do love the espresso here, but today I wanted more volume.  So we stopped into a cafe as usual, but today I ordered a caffe americano and I […]

Florence: Day 6

Today was a great food day!  We walked up to the Central Market of San Lorenzo so I could spend more time there and so that Joe and Emily could experience it for the first time.  After wandering around and purchasing a few things (dried porcini mushrooms, cheese, fava beans and some herbs), we ate […]

Florence: Day 5

Because we will be in Florence for 88 days, we can’t afford to eat a big meal out every single day. Now that we have had a few days to get settled into our apartment, we decided to take it easy for a day. We stopped in at a small cafe for a couple sandwiches […]

Florence: Day 4

Today I took my first cooking class in Italy!  The class started with a tour of the Central Market of San Lorenzo.  This market is filled with endless booths of butchers, food purveyors, and local artisans. I could spend hours in this place.  We had a tasting of pomodoro sauce, cheese, bread, olive oil and […]

Florence: Day 3

Today was Emily’s first birthday! To celebrate, we let her munch on a cannoli in the Boboli Gardens. Joe and I of course had some cannoli as well. It was a wonderful indulgence! It was creamy and crunchy, but not overly sweet. In the late afternoon we went out to dinner at another restaurant just down […]

Florence: Day 2

After a long night helping Emily adjust to the time change, we had a late start to the day. We grabbed a late morning espresso and small pastries for breakfast. We also had some fruit from a local market. This seems to be the Italian way, so I imagine most breakfasts will be this way […]